Saturday, March 28, 2009

Makeup Artist Booked!

Another item booked.. Started to feel the money flows! =)

So, makeup for my wedding will be done by Tiar Zainal - both solemnization and reception. Sebenarnya plan untuk reception je, sekali dipengaruhi oleh En Tiar hehe It's ok!

He was the makeup artist for Sari's Wedding and recently for Linda Jasmin. So check it out fren! May reach him at his mobile no : 0136284835

You'd better hurry up, in fact someone has already booked the same day as me. Fortunately her akad will be done before Asar while my reception will be held at night.

Happy? Yup =) hope everything goes well!


dialicious said...

wow..awalnye book..congrats!bagus planning awal2 ni..hheheh

I Luv That Dress said...

Hi.. congratulations on your wedding day...
just wondering how much yer tiar zainal charge u?


Nawwar said...

haah i pun nk tanya the same thing...currently looking for a makeup artist. how much yer rate tiar? i pun amik k.zai for pelamin ;)