Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Are you looking for a wedding ring?

I visited Habib, KLCC last Friday... and yesterday! The sale is really sale!!! Considering buying my wedding ring. Hmmm - getting the approval to be exact. I managed to survey ring design, price etc at other jewellery shop. So far Habib is leading - variety ring design, price plus the promotion they currently having. I think it's worth it.
Anyway, as advertised the promotion is until 14th June - which is expired but the good news is the promotion extended to 28th June. Yiiihaaaaa!
Can I just get only a ring for my wedding? Neither necklace nor bracelet is needed. Tapi mesti nanti ade je yang kata kene ade. Uwaaa I dont like wearing them and I better spend on what I love to wear. If I already spent for the ring then force to buy necklace, bracelet - where the haked going to find money???
Owh answer, please fall from the sky..


aeshly said...

kalau x pkai x pyh beli babe. baik splurge everything on d wedding ring. hoho.

Luv like this.... said...

salam...jgn ikut kata org sgt.buat apa y awk rase terbaik ok..wish u all the best k

`BaHa` said...

Wahhh..bestnya comment. I like... harap aku boleh ignore je ape org nak ckp nnt.
Thanks babes! =)

Anonymous said...

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